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Healthy Meals To Prepare Under 15 Minutes

Today, we are living in an era of fast forward moving life which don’t take enough care for the food we are intaking basically the fast food which we generally intake, we think it is very less time consuming to be made and can be easily available. But it can easily available but we don’t think about the adverse effect that causes on our body. Basically, we think that a quick healthy meal cannot be cooked in less time in our home for us. There is myth exists that cooking is hard and time-consuming but it requires pre planning, proper execution and implementation.

House-made food maintains our health and our family budget. This article acknowledged us about healthy meals that we can cook in our home.

  • A Creamy Avocado Toast                                          

It is basically the one of the easiest and less time-consuming in the world to cook. It is tastier, healthier and feels like we are eating the most exotic food in the world. It has toast stuck with whole grain which provides more nutrition, fibre and protein. In addition  to toast

It also has avocado sea salt and green or red paper. In the beginning, we can add or top with an egg, rice, olive etc. Avocados in addition to green or red pomegranate give us a sweet and tasty mix. There are other endless options which we can try. This food is good for a heart patient, diabetes as it reduces the cholesterol levels. Avocado toast contains monounsaturated fats, fingers, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium. Thus, it is good food for health.

  • Nutritious Oat Meals                                 

OatMeals is made up of billed oat grains. It is very good meals in cold morning for winter survival. It feels our stomach till lunch and as it an excellent source of soluble fibre we can make it on microwave, stove or cooker. In winter we eat oat as for hot oatmeal. And in summer we eat as overnight oat. Oat has carbohydrates dietary diners, proteins etc. It also contains 71 calories and contains 29 % of daily value for manganese and moderate content of micro nutrition in 100 grams amount. Oat reduces cholesterol level, prevents cardio-muscular diseases, prevents constipation, controls blood sugar level, reduce cancer risk, reduce hypertension, protects skin, activates immune system etc.Thus, an important source of rich healthy food.

  • Vegetable Soup                                            

We generally prefer soup in winter season. We make it by adding vegetables, chicken or beans. We need to chop vegetables, add some olive oils after that we can add rinsed beans and leave it for minutes or two. Cover it over the top and allow it to cook for 20 minutes. If we want we can add noodles of our choice.Soups vegetable or chicken which contain fibre and proteins. It preserves the nutritional value that makes it rich in vitamin, mineral and protein. It provides warmth nourishes our body cells, keeps our skin fresh etc. Thus beneficial for our health.

So, it is clear  from this article we can cook healthy  foods in our home.Thereby ,protecting us from diseases.      

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